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Another site we like!! Lecture Theatre Seating
 21 Apr 2011, 4:33 pm
One of our best customers has just launched a new site showcasing their range of lecture theatre seating. Please visit for more information.
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New company formed to launch the Staka
 21 Apr 2011, 4:28 pm

We have now formed a new company, Shipmore Ltd to launch the Staka (TM).

The Staka is designed as a flexible, reuseable solution to the problem of stacking non stack pallets on a freight vehicle. For more information please visit

Category: Assi Pallet Stacker
Assi Likes
 20 Aug 2010, 8:33 pm

We have started Assi Likes on the website just so we can share websites that we have found useful, interesting or just a bit of fun. We are not advertising, we have no connection with these sites but we like them and we hope you do too. First one we like this week is This is an online showcase for Italian made furniture. Shows all the manufacturers and their products. Whether you are trying to find a manufacturer or source a piece of furniture this is certainly the place to start.

Category: New Services
Pallet stacker prototype
 27 Jul 2010, 12:12 pm
Our designer has been tearing out his hair trying to make sure that the prototype of the pallet stacker meets the design brief. It is designed to be placed over a loaded pallet on a freight truck to enable the operator to load another pallet on top. Making a non stack pallet stackable. It has to be light enough to be used by one man, not reduce the payload of the truck, hold up to 500 kgs, fold flat when not in use, and conform to all H and S regulations. No small feat but he's managed it. We will be sending out a computer animation when we have all the emails collated but if anyone wants more information, please call.
Category: Assi Pallet Stacker
New prospectus
 27 Jul 2010, 11:57 am
Our new prospectus will be available by the end of this week. The feedback has told us that our old franchisee information was - to be honest - boring! International Freight Forwarding is not a boring occupation so we need to get that over in our literature. Give us a call or email if you would like to see more information. We should also be appearing in the local and national press this week. Our 15 minutes of fame starts here.
Category: Assi Franchising
Home Deliveries
 21 Jul 2010, 11:54 am
We are now able to offer home deliveries as part of our 'white glove' service. Deliveries are to householders' 'room of choice'. Please call for more details.
Category: New Services
New Franchisee for North London
 20 Jul 2010, 3:33 pm
Assi UK Ltd is pleased to welcome Sandra Mbabazi as our franchisee covering the North London area. Sandra's website is . We are still looking for franchisees, particularly in the North of England so take a look at our 'work with us' page and give us a call. Our recruitment ad can also be found at and there is also an article about the opportunity in Money Making Magazine.
Category: Assi Franchising

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