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New company formed to launch the Staka
 21 Apr 2011, 4:28 pm

We have now formed a new company, Shipmore Ltd to launch the Staka (TM).

The Staka is designed as a flexible, reuseable solution to the problem of stacking non stack pallets on a freight vehicle. For more information please visit

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Pallet stacker prototype
 27 Jul 2010, 12:12 pm
Our designer has been tearing out his hair trying to make sure that the prototype of the pallet stacker meets the design brief. It is designed to be placed over a loaded pallet on a freight truck to enable the operator to load another pallet on top. Making a non stack pallet stackable. It has to be light enough to be used by one man, not reduce the payload of the truck, hold up to 500 kgs, fold flat when not in use, and conform to all H and S regulations. No small feat but he's managed it. We will be sending out a computer animation when we have all the emails collated but if anyone wants more information, please call.
Category: Assi Pallet Stacker

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